Monday, 3 March 2008

Mothers Day...

It was Mothers Day yesterday, the day where I try to totally relax. The boys woke me up, with cards and flowers. A lovely card from DS1, who is at Sheffield University. He had written some nice thing in the cards which said how much he cared and missed me. I was really touched.
Breakfast in bed was Granola, Goats Yogurt, Apple and Honey. We decided to go for a walk in the countryside, so a 30minute drive led us to North Middleton, the weather on the drive looked iffy, cloudy, windy and showers. But as you can see when we arrived as if by magic the wind had calmed down and the sun came out. It really is a lovely spot.
At this point it was really warm and we needed to take our coats off. It was lovely to feel the warm sunshine, how I long for the summer.

The walk spread out into more open countryside so we decided to turn around, walking back through woodland ,noticing how many trees have been blown over in the recent storms. We could also not help noticing the carpet of snowdrops everywhere. Is it just me , but are there more snowdrops than ever this year.
We had worked up a bit of a thirst, so we stopped off at The Plough in Powburn for a half, and the boys enjoyed a game of pool. DS3 was chuffed as he beat his older brother, or was it just beginners luck! Supper was lovingly cooked by DH a Fish Pie, Cod, Smoked Haddock, Salmon and Prawns. The topping was mashed potatoes,homemade golden breadcrumbs and cheese.

A smaller portion, yummy!!!

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