Friday, 29 February 2008


Finished the latest knitted/felted bag. Debbie Bliss Donegal Aran Tweed. It is too plain and needs jazzing up, but what to do....

Some knitted /felted patches, and a needleweaving sunflower....

Large suffolk puff made from pieces of felted wool, thought I might cover some buttons in hand dyed silk velvet. It also needs a trim around the top, and a lining. I hate it when I have so many ideas and cannot make a decision. I suppose it will either come to me or I will get fed up deciding and just go for it!!!

Thursday, 28 February 2008

Bedtime Reading, Listening to..

I have never been a big reader but have started to get into chic lits I know they are not everybodies cup of tea, but its light reading before bed time and it make a change from textile or embroidery books.

I discovered this band while in London last week, it was playing in a gallery I visited, so I had to ask the owner who the group was...

Listening to.... - checkout "come to me".

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Books arrive in the post....

A little pressie from my mum, they arrived today, can't wait to have a good look at them. There is one more on order but will probably not arrive for another couple of weeks.

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Half Term Over.....

I cannot believe a week has gone by, the kids have been on half term holidays and it's nearly over, how time flies. DH and the boys have gone to Kielder Forest, Mountain Bike - Trail Building, they have fortnightly meetings, where they go off for the day. It is a voluntary thing which they are all heavily involved in and feel so passionate about what they are doing. Consequently, due to all their hard work we have a wood named after us at Kielder called "Primrose Wood". It is a red grade Mountain Bike Trail I am secretly very proud of their achievements. While they are away on these jaunts I like to keep myself busy and today I went to visit a friend who has just moved out of our village further up into the Northumberland countryside. As she was downsizing she asked me if I would like her old exercise bike, otherwise it was going to the dump. The one I had was a bit old and decrepit, so I jumped at her offer and in return I said I would make her something. I am really into knitting and felting atm so I decided to make her a bag. She was absolutely thrilled with it. I met her for coffee and shopping in Wooler, then went on to see her new home, it is so peaceful and quiet, with lovely uninterrupted views of the Cheviot Hills. I think she will be happy there.

Happy Birthday DS1 - 19 years old today.

Monday, 18 February 2008

Leaving London Today......

DS2 left early to make his way to Hatfield for his interview at University. I have a few hours left for shopping. We made our way to Oxford street and John Lewis Haberdashery...
Got these 2 balls of wool for my yarn stash. They had a very good selection of yarns but as I did not have any patterns or projects in mind it seemed stupid to buy too much. I'm Sure I will be able to use these somewhere!!

Another lovely day, cold but sunny. I love Japanese Food, so we decided on a box of goodies from Wasabi on Oxford Street. A selection of sushi and teriyaki beef, we sat on a bench in Soho Square enjoying.

Sadly time to part,to meet up with DS2 at Heathrow and fly home. We have had a great time.

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Sunday, Sunday....

Off for another exciting trip . First stop Columbia Road Flower Market, E2, for breakfast. Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Bagels with yummy hot chocolate...

This is a really great market, the shops are full of designer things and delicious food shops to tempt the palate. We thought we would treat ourselves to a fine bottle of Olive Oil infused with Truffle, the guy selling them let us taste the oils on display, it was so difficult to choose as they all tasted so lovely, DS2 made the decision in the end. The road looks like a carpet of flowers with the sellers shouting out their best prices, I would spend a fortune if I lived here. I cannot believe how cheap the flowers are, some of them I have never heard of. I bought my friends five bunches of Black Irises.

I could not resist taking a photo of this display of Primroses, it makes me happy to see such wonderful colour this time of year.

Stepping back in time... a lovely little shop selling vintage kitchenware, and deliciously decorated cup cakes.

You can visit the shop here
Next stop Brick Lane via a stop off at this really cool furniture design shop, I wanted to buy the whole shop but as they did not deliver outside London I guess I had to settle for this candle holder, seen behind the fruit bowl. Well I did feel better to be coming away with something.

DS2 was really interested in this place as his course at University starting later this year is in Industrial Designing.
After a long and enjoyable day,an afternoon snooze, a lovely meal Steak, Guinness and Cheese Pie, from "Jamie at Home" Cookbook. I will definitely try this recipe at home for the family. What a great way to end a lovely weekend away. Thank you DFriends.

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Trip to London.....

We arrived safely at our friends, then off for a walk along the Thames to Canary Wharf. It is a gorgeous day. Some lovely apartments to admire...

Wonder how much they cost? It really is another world here.

Canary Wharf has changed somewhat since the last time I was here, must be at least 4 years.

Do you know what this is?

Jasmine Tea Flowers... Pour boiling hot water into the glass and watch by magic the flower unfurl, then drink the tea and enjoy. It looks a bit like a triffid. It tastes like green tea.

Friday, 15 February 2008

Off to London .....

Bags are packed, house is clean and tidy, and enough food in the fridge to feed DH and DS3 for a month. I am really looking forward to a few days away, and spending some quality time with my son. He is so grown up now, can't believe he will be flying the nest and off to University in September. His older brother left last September for University which was heart wrenching, still miss him so much. Then there will only be the three of us, must make the most of our time together before he goes. Nothing ever prepares you for the day they leave, I suppose it is inevitable, but somehow that time seems so far off when they are babies. I wish them well and hope they will be happy and enjoy their new challenges.

Thursday, 14 February 2008

I Pod Socks.....

I knit the kids some of these I Pod socks for their stocking at christmas, they are knitted in 4ply wool, I put a little tag on the side with the name of the devise, a strap can be attached to it to hang around th neck

I am off to London at the weekend with DS2, he has an interview at the University of Hertfordshire, so we thought we would have a few days in London . We are staying with good friends and I thought I would make them both I Pod socks.

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Cup Cozies.....

I got this wool in the sale, It's Sirdar Fusion, and has long lengths of variagated colour, sadly it's 50% wool/50% Acrylic so unfortunately no good for felting. They take very little time to knit. I drink tea all day and usually let it go cold, I thought these little cup cozies would keep it hot for longer.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

A Perfect Sunday.....

It's the end of a long day and I thought I would share it with you. The weather has been glorious, sunshine and crystal blue skies all day. So unusual for this time of the year. We decided to let the chickens out to roam around the whole garden, they were in heaven, enjoying the weather and the lawn. We have two, Jill the older one and Lucinda the baby, they belong to DS3, who adores them. He is looking forward to our first eggs, not long to go now before they start to lay. They are so cute, I especially like the little tufts on their head,
here they are perched on the trampoline frame and exploring the lawn .

DH, DS2 and DS3 went for a walk in the village and came back from our allotment with these leeks, I find it so satisifying to know that they have travelled only 500 yards. Will have them for supper later in the week.

This is scarey, I've finally taken the plunge to start a weblog after admiring so many blogs from around the world. Here I am Primrose Patch, Primrose being my surname. More of that later.
I would like to share my passion and creations about all things fibre, knitting, cooking and gardening. Also general thoughts from a wife and mother. Bear with me - hear I go.