Saturday, 23 February 2008

Half Term Over.....

I cannot believe a week has gone by, the kids have been on half term holidays and it's nearly over, how time flies. DH and the boys have gone to Kielder Forest, Mountain Bike - Trail Building, they have fortnightly meetings, where they go off for the day. It is a voluntary thing which they are all heavily involved in and feel so passionate about what they are doing. Consequently, due to all their hard work we have a wood named after us at Kielder called "Primrose Wood". It is a red grade Mountain Bike Trail I am secretly very proud of their achievements. While they are away on these jaunts I like to keep myself busy and today I went to visit a friend who has just moved out of our village further up into the Northumberland countryside. As she was downsizing she asked me if I would like her old exercise bike, otherwise it was going to the dump. The one I had was a bit old and decrepit, so I jumped at her offer and in return I said I would make her something. I am really into knitting and felting atm so I decided to make her a bag. She was absolutely thrilled with it. I met her for coffee and shopping in Wooler, then went on to see her new home, it is so peaceful and quiet, with lovely uninterrupted views of the Cheviot Hills. I think she will be happy there.

Happy Birthday DS1 - 19 years old today.

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claudia said...

i saw in the low corner of the photo a dolls house...i love dollshouses, they drive me crazy!
i love cooking and gardening too, visit my blog if you have some spare time!