Sunday, 31 May 2009

Summer is here.....

The rhubarb is ready for picking in our allotment, it is a favorite of mine. I like it stewed with Greek Yogurt for breakfast.
Today the weather has been fantastic, bright blue skies and hot. With very little breeze, which is unusual for us. I have been really lazy enjoying the rays. I finished another crocheted cupcake and made a Rhubarb Fool.........summer is here at last.

Hope you all enjoyed the lovely hot weekend too.

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Three is the Magic Number.....

I seem to do and have lots of things in threes. Just looking around the house I find, 3 metal buckets, 3 Kath Kidston tea cups, 3 Coffee cups, 3 Cake Tins and 3 Cheeky Monkeys. Not forgetting my 3 lovely boys and my 3 adorable hens.

Friday, 29 May 2009

Friday Comes Around again...........

I have been racking my brain this week as to what to do for "Friday Treats" then I remembered that I had seen a recipe ages ago for Diam Bar Cake, doing a bit of research on the Internet I found a recipe for Diam Bar Crunch, that will do nicely.

Below on the left Diam Bar Crunch and for good measure I made some more Oreo Truffles, but instead of coating in melted chocolate we have shredded coconut and cocoa, I also put in a little amaretto liquor. I feel I cannot stop making these treats, as we all look forward to them after a long hard week of work. Hummm what to do next week.........any suggestions??

And finally Lucinda is back laying again after her "Broody Episode", this was her egg the other day.

Friday, 22 May 2009

Listening to......

I downloaded this CD from the known Store"every little helps". It is a faboulous CD, late night music does not get any better than this. - Baby I'm A Fool, hear her here.

Friday Treats, this week were courtesy of a fellow blogger
they were enjoyed by all , thank you.


Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Change of Plans......

I said in my last posting that I had the Friday Treats organised, well I had, Malteaser Cake was made in readiness, but a slight change of plan. Thursday dawned and knowing that some of us at work had a very busy ahead of us, I decided we may need some "sweet sustenance" at some point in the long shift we were about to embark on. So the Friday treat last week became the Thursday treat....

So, not wanting to upset the others expecting the Friday Treat I got home very, very late last Thursday night and made more treats...... Rice Crispie Cakes. Much enjoyed but everyone.

This week I have been busy with small projects, knitting and crocheting cakes. I have really enjoyed doing them, they are quick to put down and so easy peasy to pick up.

Off to enjoy a cuppa and the visual "no calorie" feast of my cakes.

I forgot to mention last week all is now well with Lucinda, she decided to give up on her broodiness and is up and about with the others. Now we are waiting for her to start laying again.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

What has been happening in the Patch lately ...........

Can't believe another week has gone by. Well, I have a couple of days off work and I am determined to catch up. These photos were taken last week so here goes.

I am seeing Red,Red,Red...........our new sofa was delivered last week and it just fits, we did measure the space it had to go into but we had not appreciated how much it would jut out into the room. We are so pleased to have comfortable seating at last. I am hoping to make some new cushions, but in the meantime I got my eye on these in Morrison's of all places, inexpensive and colour co-ordinated.

This got me thinking, I have a lot of RED in my home at the moment. Looking around me I find..........more red things.

On these bright and sunny days my diet changes and I long for fresh fruit, salad and vegetables.

I am enjoying healthy breakfasts when I am not rushing out at the crack of dawn.

And in the evenings, home made Cesar Salad, the dressing made with the hens eggs, look how yellow the yokes are .

Since my crocheting workshop with Vanessa I have been busy making a few flowers, with different wools. I want to incorporate them into jewellery at some point.

I saw this pattern book in John Lewis and couldn't resist making these little beauties from it.

The garden is "springing" into action, or should I say "summering", the Clematis has been out for a week now, the peonies are bulging and the oriental poppies just waiting for warmer days. Our seedlings are growing well, we will be ready to plant them out soon.

A freebie in this months "Easy Living" a Kath Kidtson plastic bag and a fantastic offer, 15% off everything in the catalogue. I have ordered myself a bag, resistance is not one of my strong points.

I have started taking treats to work on Fridays, and last week we had Rocky Road from the 4 Ingredients Cook Book,Turkish Delight, Marshmallows Macadamia Nuts and Chocolate. This week's treat is sorted already we are having "Malteser Cake".

I am constantly drinking tea while blogging, I am ready for another cuppa now and a sit down to read................

This magazine I bought yesterday.

And finally a big Hello to all my new blog-sphere friends out there, it is lovely to have your company.
Catch up with you all again soon. x

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Start of a New Month..........

Lately I have found it difficult to post, I think it is due to lack of time. On the days I work, I find the evenings pass so quickly. I usually get home about 6pm, then there is supper to prepare with various other domestic issues to attend to. Blogging takes time, so I thought the other day I need to make more effort. I have seen these posters appearing on other blogs and thought ah-ha...
Watch this space, hopefully I will have some work to show you soon.
Today I have been doing a creative crochet workshop, the tutor was , I had a great day.
I also got to meet with a fellow blogger , she has a fantastic blog and is so talented.
I have also been keeping busy doing a spot of decorating this week. We have a new sofa arriving soon and thought a fresh new look to the conservatory in readiness for the delivery.
I have just finished the last of the painting this evening and..........
the day was rounded off with a refreshing glass of my favourite summer tipple.

= Cheers =