Saturday, 2 May 2009

Start of a New Month..........

Lately I have found it difficult to post, I think it is due to lack of time. On the days I work, I find the evenings pass so quickly. I usually get home about 6pm, then there is supper to prepare with various other domestic issues to attend to. Blogging takes time, so I thought the other day I need to make more effort. I have seen these posters appearing on other blogs and thought ah-ha...
Watch this space, hopefully I will have some work to show you soon.
Today I have been doing a creative crochet workshop, the tutor was , I had a great day.
I also got to meet with a fellow blogger , she has a fantastic blog and is so talented.
I have also been keeping busy doing a spot of decorating this week. We have a new sofa arriving soon and thought a fresh new look to the conservatory in readiness for the delivery.
I have just finished the last of the painting this evening and..........
the day was rounded off with a refreshing glass of my favourite summer tipple.

= Cheers =


Anonymous said...

Hello Denise
Many thanks for visiting snd leaving a lovely comment on my blog.
Yours is great too! I share your love of hens and cupcakes. My garden is sadly too small for hens, so I shall have to come look at yours.
Well done on your garden transformation! I need to entice my boys over to help with the promise of favourite cake ;o) actually they are always willing to lend a helping hand, but the one living nearest is busy moving into a new home at the moment.
You are lucky to have met Vanessa, I love her blog.
Goodness I am chatty this morning :o)
I very much like your blog Denise and I will be back soon, can't wait to see what you've been crafting xx

Anonymous said...

Well I have found your blog and its wonderful ,you are clever love the hens and the garden
See you next week

APPLIQUE said...

Hi Denise

Many thanks for the lovely message you left on my blog. I will be adding your blog to my favourites. I am so envious of your chickens - I would love some but unfortunately my garden is too small!

Hugs, Jane x

driftwood said...

ooh so glad Vanessa (do you mind if I knit) sent me here, I get to look at your chickens, we've just sold our house, and I'm soooo hoping chickens when we move.
love that poster, and I have the bake book, it's such a lovely read.