Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Change of Plans......

I said in my last posting that I had the Friday Treats organised, well I had, Malteaser Cake was made in readiness, but a slight change of plan. Thursday dawned and knowing that some of us at work had a very busy ahead of us, I decided we may need some "sweet sustenance" at some point in the long shift we were about to embark on. So the Friday treat last week became the Thursday treat....

So, not wanting to upset the others expecting the Friday Treat I got home very, very late last Thursday night and made more treats...... Rice Crispie Cakes. Much enjoyed but everyone.

This week I have been busy with small projects, knitting and crocheting cakes. I have really enjoyed doing them, they are quick to put down and so easy peasy to pick up.

Off to enjoy a cuppa and the visual "no calorie" feast of my cakes.

I forgot to mention last week all is now well with Lucinda, she decided to give up on her broodiness and is up and about with the others. Now we are waiting for her to start laying again.


driftwood said...

ooh those treats look tasty, feel free to help yourself to the cheerio slice recipe, and thanks for your comment, I'd appreciate any advise you have about moving to that area, coming from over 100 miles away it's hard to know where will be good, and visiting somewhere on holiday is so different from actually living there. although perhpas with that beach close by everyday would feel like a holiday xx

vanessa said...

Those cakes are amazing, they really do look good enough to eat!
Denise, you must be very popular at work, making those wonderful treats for everyone! Lucky work colleagues!
Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

vanessa said...

I forgot to say in the comment I just left, I'm so glad the splendid Lucinda became un-broody. I love her top-knot, she's a stunner, isn't she!
Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

Jane said...

Yes she is very poular at work, I wandered up the corridor on friday and the treats had disappeared.
Love the cakes they are wonderful how would these go down as Friday treats lol. Share your taste in mags and glad Luicinda is laying again
Love Jane