Friday, 29 May 2009

Friday Comes Around again...........

I have been racking my brain this week as to what to do for "Friday Treats" then I remembered that I had seen a recipe ages ago for Diam Bar Cake, doing a bit of research on the Internet I found a recipe for Diam Bar Crunch, that will do nicely.

Below on the left Diam Bar Crunch and for good measure I made some more Oreo Truffles, but instead of coating in melted chocolate we have shredded coconut and cocoa, I also put in a little amaretto liquor. I feel I cannot stop making these treats, as we all look forward to them after a long hard week of work. Hummm what to do next week.........any suggestions??

And finally Lucinda is back laying again after her "Broody Episode", this was her egg the other day.

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