Monday, 18 February 2008

Leaving London Today......

DS2 left early to make his way to Hatfield for his interview at University. I have a few hours left for shopping. We made our way to Oxford street and John Lewis Haberdashery...
Got these 2 balls of wool for my yarn stash. They had a very good selection of yarns but as I did not have any patterns or projects in mind it seemed stupid to buy too much. I'm Sure I will be able to use these somewhere!!

Another lovely day, cold but sunny. I love Japanese Food, so we decided on a box of goodies from Wasabi on Oxford Street. A selection of sushi and teriyaki beef, we sat on a bench in Soho Square enjoying.

Sadly time to part,to meet up with DS2 at Heathrow and fly home. We have had a great time.

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