Sunday, 9 March 2008

Things are Happening......In our Garden Pond

Every year almost to the day frogs seem to appear from nowhere, and the activity begins. I shall say no more...

Within the course of a few day we have lots of frogs spawn....

And still lots of frogs!!!
So come on girls, the frogs are doing it! Don't let the side down, we anxiously await your eggs!

Planting has also begun, here a selection of what we intend to grow on our allotment. Last year
we had great success with Sweet corn, grown for the first time. The leeks did well, as did onions and squashes. However, no such luck with flowers at the allotment last year, the sweet peas were terrible, and something ate all the leaves off the dahlias. I suspect it was too wet and cold. Finger crossed we have a good summer this year. There is so, so, much to do and very little time! I spend my life saying this.... sound familiar.

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