Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Goodies from India.....

DH has just got back from India and he brought me these few gifts, 4 silk scarves, a silver necklace, two wooden stamping blocks (not that visible in the picture) and a lovely bowl which is in fact a present from his Indian colleagues. Thank you so much. The big box in the background is Indian Cake - Soan Papdi. A treat for the whole family, we have had it before, it is a rather sweet melting in the mouth experience, very moorish,and I suspect very fattening too. It is made from Ghee,Wheat Flour, Cardamoms, Pastichios, Almonds and Cucumber Seeds.

Crafty and Textile work has taken a bit of a nose dive lately, with practically nil production. Below some knitted/felted corsages which were completed a couple of week ago. They look good on a jacket or attached to a bag and the good news is they are very easy to make.

In the background one of my favorite knitted/felted winter scarves. It is a bit unusual, I think that is why I like it.

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