Saturday, 28 June 2008

Goodies from Woolfest.....

Woolfest is the wool event of the year, and I always look forward to it so much, it is a lovely drive to Cockermouth and just far enough not to become so tiring. I go with good intentions saying I will not buy too much, but I am overcome with excitement as to all the goodies on sale, I succumb and before I know it my purse is empty and the cards come out. This year was slightly different as I did want to purchase some fleece to spin. I bought with the help of very nice lady a Shetland fleece for £4 and a Ryland Fleece for £10 I don't know if that was a good buy but it seemed fair to me. I deposited them both in the " Wool Creche" and went in search of more goodies. Here are some of my purchases.

I also got to look at the exhibitors stands and this one really caught my eye, this piece was made from felt by Bun Brough of Wild Wool Felts, she is a registered Art Therapist, Storyteller and Textile Artist. She does not have a web site yet, but is hoping to have one soon.

Below more of her unusual work.

I also like the bags here made by she makes them from felt and laminated birch plywood. I think they are so unusual.

Alas the day comes to an end and I feel I could spend another day here. On the way out we we waved off by the Estonian Youth Project. Seen here, their clothes are made by hand from Native Sheep Wool, by girls from Saaremaa Island.

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