Friday, 11 July 2008

The Chicks have gone......

Well the day finally arrived and the chicks have gone back to the farm. The breeder came this evening and took 5 of them away, it turned out we had 4 cocks and 2 hens. We decided to keep the smallest one seen here on the left, she was one of the ones we named "the twins", and she has now been renamed May, as she was born on the 3rd May. I am hoping she will now thrive as she was being bullied by the others.
And then there were three, it seems quiet now that the other chicks have gone. I went round tonight to tuck Jill, Lucinda and May up for the night and found them all cozy. I thought how nice it was to see May being tucked up between them. How cute do they look. It makes the decision we made to keep her worth it.

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