Sunday, 19 April 2009

Happy Primrose Day........

from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:-

Upon the death of British Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli (Lord Beaconsfield), on 19 April 1881, Primrose Day was instituted in his honour, as the primrose was his favourite flower. Queen Victoria sent bouquets of primroses to his funeral. According to a contemporary account:
"The coffin lies on its bier in an alcove leading out of the modest hall of Hughenden Manor. But of its material, one might almost say of its dimensions, nothing can be seen. It is literally one mass of floral beauty. Here are wreaths from every member of the Royal Family in Britain bouquets of primroses sent by the Queen, with an inscription attached to them, saying that they came from Osborne Hill, and that they are of the sort which Lord Beaconsfield loved.
Two years later, a bronze statue of Disraeli, Lord Beaconsfield was erected at Parliament Square, and it became customary to decorate it with primroses every year on the anniversary of his death. Often at Easter the woodlands of Britain are seen carpeted with wild primroses.
Thus we have Primrose Day......
It is also DS2 Birthday, Happy 19th Birthday Dear Son........late morning we went for coffee to and had some yummy cakes.

.........Birthday Boy on the right...........

We then toddled off to Bolam Lake Country Park and had a lovely stroll around the lake in the afternoon sunshine.


vanessa said...

Your boys look like such nice, civilised, and well brought up people............. I can tell you're proud of them. Are they all yours?!
Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

Helen Cowans said...

Can't imagine Richard being so BIG! But I guess boys grow up (shame really!). Looks like you all had a great day.