Friday, 5 June 2009

Sweets and Treats.......

This weeks report........ well not much has happened here in the "patch" other than working. It seems to consume my life sometimes. The days I work are long, and an even longer day this last week, a 14hour shift. Hence, tiredness and catching up on lost sleep seems to be the order of the day. The good weather ended mid week and it has been miserable and cold, making for snuggling up and watching the TV most evenings. Not very productive I hear you say, yes, I totally agree. Even Friday Treats were not homemade this week, I resulted in buying bought ones which were not as nice as "proper homemade", they were very dry and full of additives and e numbers. Please make your own next time came the cries from colleagues.

I have entered into deal, to receive a free badge
in exchange for a photograph of me wearing it. She has some wonderful designs and I choose the cupcake one, naturally. I have duly taken the photograph of me wearing it and emailed it to Jane. Hopefully it will be seen in the catalogue she is putting together.

Finally some sweets that I have not had for such a long time,I find these very moorish and love the fact that when you take one it is a complete surprise every time as to what flavour it is you have chosen. A real sweet treat.....on that note I shall leave you and hope to feel less tired and more energised in the coming week.


Pipany said...

Oh I feel the saem at the moment. Just horrible isn't it? Let's hope this week is better x

Helen said...

Oh work gets in the way of hav'in a good time . . doesn't it?

Moe said...

Just found your blog it's very nice, I know that feeling when work gets in on you it's hard to do everything, you can find the recipe for Malteser Tray bake on my blog, it is really easy and quick to make, although you probably won't be able to use it for a while if you already brought it this week!

Moe said...

Sorry the address for my blog is