Monday, 15 March 2010

Thinking of Summer.......

Our trip to the garden centre yesterday was very enjoyable, we went to a one a bit further away and it was so lovely visiting what I call a proper "Garden Centre" like they used to be years ago. These days I find they are more like department stores selling everything, but not much in the plant and seed line. This year I have decided to grow lots of tall flowers for cutting, to bring into the house. I spend so much money on cut flowers at the supermarkets and florists over the year. In order to achieve this I think I need a bit of help propagating all the seeds,so I treat myself to an electric propagator. This will hopefully speed up the process.

The seeds are all planted and I now just have to be patient and watch for the tiny little shoots to pop up. Exciting!!!! I shall keep you posted on their progress.


Helen said...

Oh I love delphinims . . . I have tried many times to grow them both from seed, cuttings and full grown plants . . .no, no never!! Good luck!! Love Helen xx

skippinginthemeadow said...

oh yes, that is exciting! i love watching seedlings sprout and grow. best of luck with yours xxx

i will be back to check on their progress :o)