Sunday, 11 April 2010

Fine Weather..............

The recent fine weather and the glorious sunshine this weekend has brought out all the daffodils, it is lovely to see some colour in the garden at last. I feel the cold weather is definitely behind us now and spring is here.
The seedling we planted a few weeks ago are coming, it looks like we will have lots to do in the coming weeks.....

Potting on.... These little shoots are cornflowers, we may have got a bit carried away.

We have promised to share our tomato plants with friends at work, too many for us. I made the containers from newspaper, so they can be planted straight into the ground and will rot down.

The doors of my shed have been open all weekend, it must be spring...........

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skippinginthemeadow said...

i do love your shed! it's like a little home in itself, a very sweet one and i love the colour too.
i am still very behind with my planting, i think it's time i pushed myself in the direction of the garden a bit more.
your daffodils are glorious! they are one of my favourite flowers.

hope the weather for the rest of the week is gardening weather.

warm wishes xxx