Thursday, 19 July 2012

Summer Vibe..........

       finally arrived...... 

I have been picking flowers from the garden
To brighten the day.

Last weekend we picked Elderflowers, I have been spurred on by Lucy at attic24 to make
 Elderflower Cordial.  I have been meaning
to make it for years but I always seem to miss picking the blooms when they are flowering

Not this year.  The recipe is from here.......

It is so delicious, so much nicer than bought
cordial and loads cheaper.

DS2 has made me a few labels, I somehow don't think
it will last long.

Despite the awful weather this summer we are picking lots of 
yummy strawberries from our allotment.

Happy Days.


ju-north said...

You must have a beautiful garden! Let's hope we get some sun so you can sit outside now!

driftwood said...

isn't it lovely to finally have some sun, your flowers are gorgeous x

J_on_tour@jayzspaze said...

A very colourful post, those strawberries are amazing.