Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Making a Run For It.....

Jill escapes everyday into the garden, and this is how she does it. She flies onto the roof of the greenhouse, then onto the patio, exit to the garden. Cheeky little devil!!!

The chicks are getting big now, hardly recognisable from when they were born.

Mum is still looking after them well, the day is looming when we will separate them, not looking
forward to it. We discovered the other day we have a nest in the bushes next to the oil tank and saw these two blackbirds going in and out with worms, to our surprise there were four babies sitting in the nest with open mouths waiting for mum to deliver the food. This is not a good photograph, but there is a baby blackbird, head poking out, waiting for food. We sat and watched the nest for days, then the babies were all gone, they had fled the nest and Mum was looking for them. So sad she was mum for such a short time. It brings it home to me how lucky we are to be parents, and that we are for life. And although our children grow up and flee the nest, we are still there for them when they need us.

DS1 is coming home from uni next week for the summer, looking forward to seeing him.

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