Sunday, 8 June 2008

I Have a New Toy........

I have finally taken the plunge and bought myself a spinning wheel. I have been wanting one for ages, but not sure if to go with new or second hand. The trouble with a second hand one is I would not be sure what I was buying and being a novice if there was something wrong with it I would not know. In the end I have decided to go with a new one, and this one was recommended by a friend who is a spinner, it is an " Ashford Kiwi" ideal for schools and beginners. It is a double treadle, which should make it easier to spin I am informed.
It came flat packed, and it recommends to Danish Oil it, so before assembly all the pieces were treated with the oil. It looks the biz. Also in view are my hand made carders, lovingly made by DH. I bought the spiky carder rubbers a while ago, and DH has put them together for me. He is so good at these sort of tasks.

Just need to spin now, off to try..... Wish me luck!!!!

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