Thursday, 5 June 2008

Snapshops from my garden...

I do love the summer and especially the flowers, here are a few snapshots of my favorite flowers this time of the year. The oriental poppy, so bright and bold with lovely papery petals and the fluffy black centre. It towers above everything in the border, sham it only flowers for a short time.

Clematis Multi Blue, this has taken quite a few years to get established, I think this is going to be it's best year.
Euphorbia Wulfenii, this has taken over the garden, but I do love it . The mass of acid green flowers, look great next to the vibrant oriental poppy.

Clematis Montana, an old favorite, this was growing in our old,old house 23 years ago, we have taken cuttings from it each time we have moved and it is still going strong. I think the term "a good do oer" springs to mind Geranium Johnson's Blue, a quiet, shy little flower. It almost goes unnoticed until it starts flowering, it seems to carry on if you keep dead heading.

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