Saturday, 19 December 2009

December Song.......

The Christmas tree has been bought, we went to a local Country Hall where you take your own saw and are directed into a field full of Norway Pine Trees. We were lucky as we found one we both liked straight away, not too much squabbling this year, within minutes it was down and voila, in the car . It only cost us £16 and we got a free cup of coffee in the tea rooms.

Must get it inside as it is snowing heavily,hopefully back tomorrow with it decorated in all its glory. I will leave you with a song I am liking at the moment.


Helen Cowans said...

Good to see you back at blogging. We were going to get the tree yesterday but it was too late after visitors had gone and today we decided not to venture out. Snow is wonderful though! Boys are out playing snowballs atm.... I'm heading into the studio to get some fabric and dye it on the stove (natural dyes), too cold even with the heating on to sit in the shed. Wellies, warm jacket and gloves just to get across the garden :)

Got your card - sorry to hear about your mum. Hope the back is feeling better. Did the boys get back OK?

Ernesto y Felisa said...

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