Thursday, 30 August 2012


I am at the end of a 2 week break from work, the first week DH and I went back to Skiathos.

We were HERE a year ago.  I shall post more pictures of our fab holiday when I have spare moment.

Lazy mornings this week at home have been spent enjoying a really tasty breakfast,
Granola,Greek Yogurt, Raspberries and Honey.
Very moorish.

My little boy went to the groomers this week.  He has gone from a shaggy teddy bear to a very handsome chap. 

What a difference I cannot believe how different he looks.  This was him above just before his cut.

Love the new hair cut Mum...............

I have kept his hair as I am going to try and spin it,
I may be able to knit a small toy with the wool I produce.
I shall let you know how I get on.

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Anonymous said...

I was told of your blog by Jeanette - we have Boogie, Dylan's brother - we picked him up just after you!

It is lovely to see the pictures of Dylan with his Airecut - we are just deliberating whether to get Boogie done at the moment. We are in East Yorkshire - maybe we will bump into each other on an Aire-walk one day.